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C. Burns Sewer & Drain Services in Dayton and Troy, Ohio, handles drain cleaning jobs of all types. From preventive maintenance to major sewer services.

Drain Blockage

Clogged Drains

Everyone has put things down the drain they're not supposed to - grease, food, hair, etc. - and that inevitably leads to clogged pipes. We clean and clear those nasty backups for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Along with unclogging every type of drain blockage, we also clear all of the following, and more:

Main Sewer Lines/Manhole Systems | Bathroom/Kitchen Tubs and Sinks | Washer/Laundry Lines and Tubs | Toilets/Urinals | Waste Pipes/Soil Stacks | Catch Basins | Dry Wells | Septic/Leach/Grease Lines | Dishwasher Lines | Pool Skimmer Lines

Preventive Maintenance

Call on us for preventive drain maintenance for every type of system. Our technicians provide preventive maintenance for all drain lines going into and out of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We combine tried and true techniques with the latest technology to finish our work the first time around.

Routine Maintenance

We offer regular drain cleaning to ensure that your system remains undamaged and free of clogs. In order to prevent costly damages due to drain backups, we offer regularly scheduled maintenance to clean drains and sewer lines.

Custom Maintenance

Our technicians can determine the best plan for each system. For example, sanitary lines become clogged more often than other types of pipes, and therefore need maintenance more frequently. This reduces back-ups, which are inconvenient and can lead to disruptive emergency service.